Book Your Next Table Massage in Jamaica Estates, Queens!

Generous discounts available on MONDAYS only...

Choose from the following menu items: (Additional services/time extensions are subject to availability)

*Get A Grip - Penetrating hand massage including all 10 fingers and forearms, up to your elbows.

15 minutes, $20

25 minutes, $30

*Foot Fetish - Firm and fancy foot massage including all 10 toes and legs, up to your knees.

15 minutes, $25

25 minutes, $35

*My Neck/My Back - Specialized deep tissue massage focused on the most widely overused areas your upper body tension.

30 minutes, $40

*Basic BodyStandard Full Body massage to relieve tightness and discomfort all over your body.

Swedish - 45 minutes, $55

*Totally TableDetailed massage designed to reduce localized tensions and improve joint flexibility. Includes minor stretching.

Deep Tissue - 60 Minutes, $60

*Massages listed do not include work on Face or Abdomen.

*Discounted sessions are available on MONDAYS only, 1 - 9pm.